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2011 Saab 9-5 Leaked Ahead Of Frankfurt Debut

Posted in Cars, Design, Foreign Cars, General, New Cars, Newsworthy, Pictures, Saab by Suzanne Denbow | July 22nd, 2009 | 8 Responses |


Not scheduled to officially debut until September at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, little has been seen of the 2011 Saab 9-5 outside of heavy camouflage and rendered speculations, and we had been hoping for the final product to be something a little less…weird. Unfortunately, photos leaked from German publication Autobild have confirmed otherwise.

We picture the head designer feverishly toiling away at a small clay model, painstakingly attempting to execute the perfect wagon before finally throwing it down in frustration and stomping away. Apparently, the lump that was left on his desk was given the greenlight for production and here we are, looking at a half-assed 9-5 wagon (literally).

Unlike the exterior, the 9-5’s cabin remains traditionally Saab, which means the ignition is still inconveniently located next to the gearshift on the center stack, and correct operation of the entertainment system still requires advanced knowledge of aerospace engineering. We dig the aviation theme though, and if Saab continues with tradition and stocks the 2011 9-5 with something rated above 300-hp, we’re willing to forgive Sven’s design blunder.

Source: LeftLaneNews

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8 Responses

  1. We both know aside from Christian Von Koenigsegg, the Swedes just don’t do exciting. But the new Saab owner got his money’s worth. The navigation, IP and DVD screens are lifted directly from the new SRX.

  2. Alex Kierstein says:

    That D-pillar makes baby jesus cry.

  3. Marc Sketchler says:

    I almost feel guilty for liking this.


  4. Zoe says:

    Why would it need more than 300HP???

  5. Oscarphone says:

    I’ve owned a few SAABs and the “quirks” that the author speaks derisively work pretty well in actual practice if you have any experience with the car. Having the ignition between the seats was always easy to use for me. Peering around the steering wheel to find the ignition slot. like every other car, was never my idea of fun. Their compliant but well dampened suspension made country road hot laps a motoring pleasure.

    As I write this, SAAB is now officially going away, unable to find a buyer in the time limit that GM set. It’s a pity that SAAB never could enjoy the sales that it did in the 80s when their turbo power, hatchback functionality and bank vault construction was appreciated.

  6. Trevor Haynes says:

    I had a 1985 900 and currently have a 1999 9-5. i love the 900. even at 20 years old it was a joy to drive and incredibly reliable. I replaced the alternator twice and the electronic locks started acting funny just before i sold it. Other than that, that 900 was the most care free car ownership experience i’ve ever had. with the exception of scheduled maintainance nothing ever went wrong. I could get on the highwaw with my 20 year old car and not even think twice about a 400 mile road trip.

    Now that saab is sweedish again i hope they start building cars like that again.

    I love my 9-5. its 10 years old and drives like its 2 years old. no rattlet or squeaks. everything works everytime. Turn signal and wiper switch are a bit flimsy but this car will take a corner with a posted speed recomendation of 45mph at 70 and feel planted. It’s simply a joy to drive everyday.

  7. tom wyckoff says:

    You bleach-bottle blond frigging tramp: don’t meddle in things that ye don’t comprehend. This car was not designed for you, Like Stone Brewery’s wares, it is not intended for your consumption. Shit the fu** up and go drive your corolla blissfully unaware how good motoring can feel, living from bleach bottle to bleach bottle, hoping no one ever questions the smell. You’re not worthy. This car does not try to make you like it; it (and we who understand) are pleased that you ditz-ass-flighty bit**es don’t get it. enjoy your stay at the
    motel six.

    feck off,

    – Tom

  8. tom wyckoff says:

    ya twat, ya.