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2011 Saab 9-5 Continues To Inspire Quiet Pity At 2009 LA Auto Show

Posted in auto industry, Auto Show, Cars, General, GM, LA Auto Show, New Cars, Newsworthy, Pictures, Saab by Suzanne Denbow | December 7th, 2009 | 4 Responses |

LA Auto Show2009 007

When I was in high school, one of my good friends was an exceptionally good wrestler. He was also extremely good looking and had a wit about him that wasn’t exactly Showtime-at-the-Apollo-quality but still got the job done. Because of his tenaciously competitive spirit and his ability to charm essentially everyone, no one ever ridiculed him for perfecting what is inarguably one of the gayest professional sports outside of a skating rink. Sure, we thought it, especially those of us that went to the games and observed the painted-on singlets and heavy petting firsthand, but we never said anything. While I can’t speak for my friends, I personally chose to keep my biting sarcasm in check because within in a few months of knowing him, I had deduced that he was currently experiencing his “glory days” and after high school, the most he probably had to look forward to was a modestly successful career as a ladies shoe salesman. I figured, why rain on his parade? Life will take care of that soon enough.

Much the same can also be said of the 2011 Saab 9-5.

Although it was officially unveiled months ago at the Frankfurt Auto Show, it’s appearance at the LA Auto Show marks the first time I’ve seen it in the flesh and while I find some aesthetic aspects leave much to be desired, I can’t bring myself to delve further into detail. You may have though Saab’s 20-year dysfunctional marriage to the General was the most damaging to its career but as sad as it may seem, those were just the highlights. Now the entire brand is posed on the edge of extinction while the 9-5 itself faces a fate worse than death with intellectual property rights now under BAIC’s exclusive ownership.

In light of this bleak outlook, it hardly seems fair to ridicule the 2011 9-5 for a confusing design language that looks more bred from Lexus than it does from jets. So rather than criticize it for what it was and what it’s utterly failing to be, lets instead allow the 2011 9-5 a last hurrah before it’s raped of all relevant technology and left to fade into obscurity inside a Beijing office building.

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4 Responses

  1. gohan2525 says:

    looks good minus the hatchback like design

  2. Dustin May says:

    Poor Saab. Born from jets. Killed by a General.

  3. Does absolutely nothing for me…


  4. Mad_Science says:

    Some high school wrestlers grow up to be engineers with car blogs on the side.

    Just Sayin’…