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2011 Range Rover To Be Based On Land Rover LRX Concept

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According to sources, Land Rover has confirmed that the Land Rover LRX Concept that debuted at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show in January has been approved for production as the 2011MY Range Rover. Built on the same platform as the Freelander, the Range Rover LRX would sit beneath the Range Rover Sport as the smallest, most compact model in the Range Rover family. Although the 2011 Ranger Rover LRX will feature 5 doors (as opposed to the Concept’s 2) and a slightly revised front bumper, the basic design elements of the LRX Concept will remain unchanged in the production version.

In keeping with the Range Rover’s smaller, less-obtrusive theme, Land Rover Managing Director Phil Popham claims the 2011 Range Rover will be Land Rover’s “greenest” vehicle to date. At launch, Popham says the new Range Rover will produce under 150 g/km of CO2 emissions, which in terms of fuel-efficiency roughly translates to about 50 mpg. As research and development continues, Popham also hinted that a hybrid Range Rover could debut as well, cutting emissions even further to 120 g/km and boosting fuel consumption to around 60 mpg.

Source: 4WheelsNews

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17 Responses

  1. Thrifty says:

    I am loving it!!!! They only thing that is a little off putting would be the interior seat material, not sure if I like it.

  2. Andrea says:

    It looks like a souped up ford flex. It’s awful! I miss the classic design. I will be sure to upgrade mine this year and not next. The 2011 is hideous!

  3. chris says:

    Just the MPG’s and CO2 stats are amazing, but the inside is awesome! A must have !

  4. Henry says:

    This is the future of motoring!! Awesome.

  5. king solomon feb says:

    how do i own this? how much is it cost?
    king feb

  6. melaku says:

    It is a stylish car, ever rangerover had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. melaku says:

    How many sitter is it


    But not for me i have not enough funds to purchase this beautifull

  9. hawwa says:

    breathtakingly beautiful!!! a must have for sure!!!

  10. Samuel Agyepong says:

    Yep range rover really meant it,
    they have really changed everything, thats really cool.
    Range rover all the way

  11. matthew says:

    Its looks are wow its dinamics great interior desired bt for it to be called range rover nop. It looks like a freelander upgrade.the grill shud have droped alitu more. But its surely a must have colection.

  12. prince says:

    am so interested haha !!!!

  13. peter says:

    the car is cute, but one door…. not my kind. 2 doors will buy ir straight way

    • Segun says:

      This car is something else when did i hope to get this cos i don’t have up to that amount but only God knows what will happen next….range rover is back again.

  14. Tshifhiwa Given Sigeda says:

    Wow the range rover 2011 is the best machine with amazing interear and it realy gives you a wow smile when you see it

  15. This is great but it’s more of a ladies car

  16. chrissedo says:

    i love this jeep is so fantastic i would want to go for it, infact landrover has done a great vehicle is more of ladies.