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2011 Ram Hemi Hauler by Hurst.

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Hurst Hemi Hauler

There have been no shortages of customized factory Ram trucks over the years. Trucks like Dodge’s SRT-10 Ram, the Rumble Bee or the Daytona truck all have somewhat of a following amongst Ram truck lovers. There is now a new kid on the block, but this time it’s being customized not by a team at Chrysler, but by the legendary boys at Hurst Performance Vehicles. Autoblog is reporting that Hurst will be starting with a 2011 Regular Cab Sport R/T RAM 1500 and then fitting it with a bunch of cosmetic and performance go fast goodies to create a limited edition truck that is sure to get Ram fans all hot and bothered. Performance enhancements include a supercharger for the Ram R/T’s already stout 390 hp HEMI, as well as a performance exhaust to help it breathe a little better.

Exterior enhancements include a barrage of Hurst graphics on the front fenders, bed, doors, grill and tailgate with the factory 22″ wheels receiving the Hurst treatment with custom spokes and new paint. The cabin of the new truck should also be as enticing as the exterior with red top-stitching on the seating surfaces, embroidered Hurst logos in the headrests and a Hurst Pistol-Grip shifter replacing the standard shift knob. As of right now there is no word on power or price, but expect both to be up there. Hurst is said to be making only 50 Hemi Hauler’s per year, which is just enough to make it a really nice collectible truck.

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  1. Brad george says:

    I from Seattle wa. I would like no know how much horse power and where can I find a ram rt hurst for sale at? And what is the price on them I’m getting ready to buy 2011 ram RT for around 25-28k how much more for the hurst edition?