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2011 Oval Nationals – Cracks

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Sprint Car Racing Oval Nationals 2011

They run sideways at 100 mph, weigh in at under 2,000 pounds and at days end can pack upwards of 800 hp. These are the Sprint cars that entertain fans at small raceways throughout the United States every Saturday night. Some people think that the sport of drifting is exciting, but for my money, I’ll take Sprint Car racing any day of the week. You see Sprint cars run an open wheel configuration and are constructed from the ground up to give the racer the best power to weight combination possible. They run at a constant 45-degree angle and make the sport of drifting look like child’s play. The speeds are high, the crashes are big and the rewards are a mere pittance when compared to the purses doled out to drivers in other, more high profile series. However to the racers that compete in these series that means little compared to the actual thrill of the race. Click through for the video and prepare to enjoy some of the highlights from the 2011 Oval Nationals.

Source: Youtube.com

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2 Responses

  1. Set says:

    Awesome video. I loved the song, the cinematography and the subject matter. Couldn’t be better in my book.

  2. djrosa@hotmail.com says:

    this got me thinking why arent there any 4wd open wheel races something like this would be optimal for a small 4wd car with maybe 500-600 bhp, and an old quattro system from a s2 or s4 can handle that power…

    anyway sweet vid