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2011 Nissan Micra Patent Sketches Leaked

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Compared to the PR storm that usually follows any action made by Nissan (for further reference, see: GT-R, Nürburgring), the new 2011 Micra has made barely a ripple on the industry radar. Granted, it isn’t scheduled to officially bow until March 2010 at the Geneva Motor Show but a vague due date has never stopped the Nissan PR machine before, and it looks like their new global compact car will no exception. Two teaser sketches of the 2011 Micra were released on the first of this month and given the quality of the renderings, we assumed there was nowhere to go but up. We were, of course, wrong.

Today, sketches of the 2011 Micra that were supposedly submitted to the patent office have found their way on to the Internet so, well, here they are. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll leave you to peruse the gallery why we go off in search of something, anything more interesting to report.

Source: 4WheelsNews

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