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2011 Nissan Leaf: First Impressions

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2011 Nissan Leaf

Rob Enaudi, Editor-in-Chief of Cardomain.com had the rare opportunity to test drive one of the most anticipated cars of 2011, the all electric Nissan Leaf. The Leaf is one of the first all electric vehicles that will be available to consumers next year, so when Rob posted his first impressions of it, I just had to let you guys know. Nissan is smart by letting us journalists get a crack at their new toy. You see unlike Chevrolet’s upcoming Volt, a car we’ve been hearing about for the last two years, Nissan’s new Leaf just kind of showed up to the party unannounced, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. By doing this it got GM all riled up and made them throw the boogie switch into overdrive so as to get the new Volt ready by November. But I digress… head over to Cardomain.com to read Rob’s first impressions of the upcoming 2011 Nissan Leaf.

Source: Cardomain.com

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