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2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X SE Announced

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2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X SE

In the United States, Mitsubishi currently sells three flavors of the Lancer Evolution X. The GSR starts at $33,590 and is available only with a five speed manual transmission; if you’re looking for a track day terror and don’t care about creature comforts, this is your ride. The Evo MR lists for $38,990 and includes BBS wheels, xenon headlights, a larger rear wing and a slightly softer suspension. The MR Touring, at $40,990 includes a sunroof, rain sensing wipers, leather seats (heated up front) and additional sound insulation. Sounds like there’s an Evo for just about every buyer, right?

Well, not exactly. What if you need or want the dual clutch automatic, but are put off by the MR’s $39k price of admission? What if you want the softer suspension, but don’t care for the leather seats? I’ve got some good news for you, then: Mitsubishi is adding a fourth flavor of Evo to the lineup for 2011.

2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X SE

Called the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X SE, the new model comes with the dual clutch TC-SST gearbox, a GSR front fascia, an MR rear diffuser and MR spec suspension. Inside, the cloth Recaro seats of the GSR are standard issue, and (thankfully) the MR’s larger rear wing is left off.

Mitsubishi will tell us about pricing sometime in August, but it’s logical to assume the SE will split the difference between the GSR and the MR. At roughly $36,000, the Evo SE gives buyers another solid choice in the Evo X lineup.

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