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2011 Mercedes CLS63 AMG: SPY SHOTS!

Posted in Mercedes Benz, Spy Shots by MrAngry | April 15th, 2010 | 1 Response |

2011 Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG

It seems that in the past few years four door coupes have been all the rage with European manufacturers. Porsche has the 2010 Panamera and Aston Martin is just released the amazingly beautiful 2011 Rapide. Audi is also reportedly working on a new coupe called the A7, which I am sure will be dead sexy. The car that really started this trend though has actually been around since 2004, in the form of the Mercedes Benz CLS. When released the CLS was actually met with mixed reviews from the styling police which is a shame because it really is a beautiful automobile. Its chopped windows and sloping roof line are elements that you either love or hate, there really is no in between.

2011 Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG

So now the market is changing and competitors are releasing their own versions of the four door sports car. Not to be outdone though, the boys from Germany have taken their old car back to the drawing board for some major updates for the new 2011 Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG. Spy shots of the new Benz have already been leaked onto the net and judging from the amount of body cladding shown in the photos, Mercedes really doesn’t want anyone to know what this thing will look like. Power will come from AMG’s twin-turbo 5.5-liter V-8 that puts out 571 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque. That’s a stump puller people. I for one am really looking forward to the final version of this car as I’m not only a fan of the original CLS, but of anything that totes around an AMG moniker.

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  1. NEW CAR INFO says:

    amazing, elegant and powerfull sedan… i like it