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2011 Mercedes CLK: Hello Sexy!

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2011 Mercedes CLK Coupe

The new Audi A5 and BMW 3-series coupes may have a bit more to worry about as Mercedes is readying a new version of their C-series coupe, the CLK for a March 2011 release. The CLK has been Mercedes sporty 4-seater coupe since 1996 and has always been a handsome automobile. Released in a hard top and convertible, the CLK was always marketed as a somewhat less expensive alternative to its more expensive older brother the two-seater SL. Keep in mind that Mercedes also produces the E-class coupe which is a sexy car. This does however beg the question – will the CLK simply be a smaller version of the E-class? Supposedly yes, but with a much different look and feel. Platform architecture will be similar as the cars will share the same 2760mm wheelbase as well as some internal parts.

Although the final design has yet to be penned the above early sketch should give you an idea of where it’s headed. 2011 should be a very interesting year for Mercedes.

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