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2011 Mazda 2: Coming This Summer

Posted in Mazda by Kurt Ernst | February 14th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

2011 Mazda 2: competition for the Ford Fiesta

Mazda is working the car show circuit with their soon to be launched subcompact hatchback, the Mazda 2. Family resemblence to the Mazda 3 and even the Mazda 6 is readily apparent, and the 2 is expected to live up to Mazda’s reputation for building entertaining cars in every niche. Slotted below the Mazda 3 family in both pricing and amenities, the Mazda 2 will be available with a five speed manual or five speed auto gearbox. Only one engine, a 1.5 liter four good for 103 horsepower, will be available. Look for the 2 to hit Mazda showrooms in summer 2010, at prices starting around $16k.

More pics (including the inside) after the jump.

Rear view; styling is not offensive

Interior view; those much taller than six feet need not apply

1.5 liter four, good for 103 hp. Bet it gets good mileage.

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