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2011 Maybach: 20 Feet of Audi A8 L Crushing Comfort!

Posted in Auto Show, Exotic Cars, Expensive Cars, Maybach, Newsworthy by MrAngry | April 23rd, 2010 | 2 Responses |

Fine… I’ll admit that I was 100% totally and completely wrong last week when I wrote the blog “2011 Audi A8L: 17 Feet of Maybach Crushing Comfort!” It wasn’t my fault though as I hadn’t seen the new for 2011 Maybach yet as they hadn’t been released. Now that I watched the above video though my decision has been utterly and completely reversed. I mean seriously, these things are majorly plush. The new 2011 Maybach line is going to debut at the Beijing Auto Show and from the looks of it there is nothing on the road that can match it.

2011 Maybach

Take the new 2011 Maybach Zeppelin for example. The thing has a perfume diffuser, just in case you don’t want to smell your wife or mistress, diamond quilting on the seat cushions and genuine lambskin carpeting (the PETA people will love that). The Maybach Zeppelin 62 is also available with a partition screen and some silver champagne flutes, which will come in particularly handy when you’ve got the back of your Maybach filled with strippers and booze.

2011 Maybach

From the factory Maybach makes sure you’re coddled in comfort, but just in case you’re not, there are some optional features available to you. How about a tissue dispenser for the upper center console that is trimmed in Anthracite leather, or a make-up mirror that’s hand-crafted in black piano lacquer, or maybe still the panoramic glass sunroof that is electrotransparent, with integral solar module for interior ventilation. No joke, this thing is nicer than my apartment… bigger too.

2011 Maybach

Maybachs are cars for people who have everything, but just want more. They are opulent, elegant and to be honest, some of the best road going automobiles in the world. If you want one just be prepared to shell out over half a million dollars because pedigree of this caliber does not come cheap.

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2 Responses

  1. Trucker says:

    The Crushing comfort Audi A8L executive Sedan will crush the Luxury car lovers hearts too…

  2. Sean says:

    Maybach Zeppelin has long been outfitted with a perfume atomizer and it is the good name that symbolized a modern luxury.