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2011 Infiniti QX Revealed to the World From Behind Closed Doors

Posted in Cars, Gas Guzzlers, Infiniti, Luxury Cars, New Cars, Nissan, Pictures, Spy Shots, SUV by Nathan Redden | September 10th, 2009 | 1 Response |


Sorry, Infiniti. I know you were trying to be nice and give a few dealers/executives a peek at your new QX, but some asshat in attendance had to go all MI6 on you. So here we have the 2011 QXsomethingorother. Looking like a Range Rover cross-bred with a Land Cruiser, it’s sporting some huge rims, smooth bodywork and fender vents (are we done with these yet?). Even the blackened pillars come straight from the Land Rover LRX concept. Hit the jump for the booty shot.


[jalopnik via 4wheelsnews]

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