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2011 Ford Super Duty Packs A Massive, Yet Refined, Punch

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This biggest home improvement job we’ve ever undertaken was successfully completed using a little duct tape and smidgen of caulk, neither of which necessitated the use of anything bigger than a Volvo to transport home from the hardware store. There are, however, those who make a living out of wielding power tools the likes of which we only see in our dreams, and it is for them that the 2011 Ford Super Duty was designed. The integral idea behind the 2011 Super Duty is “bigger and better,” which is clearly demonstrated by the new grille badge that measures over a foot in length (13 inches, to be exact). “The Super Duty is all about power and capability, and we wanted to make that obvious,” explained Brad Richards, exterior design manager.

As you may have noticed on the majority of the vehicles rolling out of Ford these days, the front fascia has been significantly reworked. The new headlamps are big enough to guide a ship into port, and the new grille was designed to both scare the crap out of the Kia in front of you and optimize performance. A deeper air dam – extended to about six inches – has been added to the front to deflect air away from the underpinnings for better aerodynamics, which also adds to fuel efficiency. Carrying on the brash new theme, the hood features an inverted power dome specifically intended to call attention to the 6.2L V8 or optional 6.7L Power Stroke V8 turbodiesel beneath it.

Inside, Ford did their best to provide the most accommodating mobile office space outside of a Phantom. The column-mounted gearshift gave Ford room to get creative, and the result was the Flow-Through console. Extending from the instrument panel clear to the backseat, the console features a lockable heavy duty-rubber lined bin created exclusively for storage items such as laptops, notebooks or binders. The underside of the bin includes storage options for pens, pencils, highlighters, business cards, tire gauges, small flashlights, etc., while the hanging spare change tray can be easily converted into file storage thanks to the available file hangers. A standard 110-volt inverter and socket as well as a 12-volt powerpoint are located at the rear of the console, and the second 12-volt powerpoint located inside the main bin is raised for easier access and features a notch that allows coiled cords or multiple cords to pass through the console with the armrest lid closed. The cupholders are also enormous, in order to comfortably store the obligatory Super Big Gulp.

Pricing will be announced later, but expect it to fall somewhere in the current Super Duty’s $25k range when it hits construction sites in spring 2010.

Source: Ford

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