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2011 Ford Mustang DUB Edition

Posted in Ford, Mustang, Pop Culture by Kurt Ernst | May 3rd, 2010 | 4 Responses |

2011 Ford Mustang DUB Edition

Ford Mustangs are among the most modded cars on the road, thanks in part to a huge aftermarket for all things Mustang. If you want your ‘Stang to look cooler, handle better or go faster, there are dozens of vendors waiting to make your dreams come true. Some buyers don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route; instead, they want to buy something at a Ford dealership that will set them apart from the rest of the Mustang herd. If money is no object, you can buy reworked Mustangs from Shelby, Saleen or Roush, just to name a few vendors. Does that mean that shoppers on a budget are out of luck?

Not any more: enter the DUB Edition Mustang, which goes on sale this fall. Available only with the 305 horsepower V6 motor, the DUB edition sports a Roush front fascia, a custom grille, a unique stripe package, quarter window louvers and DUB logos. Roush springs drop the stance, 20” TIS wheels add bling and the rear axle has a 3.31 ratio for better acceleration. Buyers can opt for an automatic or manual transmission, and can choose between coupe, convertible or glass roof versions. All DUB Edition Mustangs have a black interior, but buyers can choose Black, Grabber Blue, Ingot Silver or Race Red for the outside.

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4 Responses

  1. I love this car really it look much cute and very attractive.The photo itself is so brilliant how will be the car I am thinking that.. I really like the front lower facia and rims.Sweet looking ride.I can’t wait to test drive it!All the features of the car are very good..
    Amazing car.Survival Kits……

  2. Metaliox says:

    Cause if you live in the ghetto you need a Mustang in your flava too. Does it come with hydraulics as well? Dear god help us..

  3. Dave says:

    I always did think that DUB was just missing that one letter in the name, and this confirms it for me.

  4. bianca says:

    omg im in love with this caarrrr….. i want one:)