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NYIAS: 2011 Ford DeWalt Contractor Concept is pure MACHO!

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DeWalt Ford F350

Trucks are awesome aren’t they? They’re big, burly, macho and make you want to build stuff. Me personally, I can’t build squat, but I’d learn if I had this truck. This is a special concept F350 XLT Crew Cab 4×4, that Ford built for DeWalt Tools as a concept and f*ck me if it isn’t pure chest hair. Ford built this truck to demonstrate the versatility of the new F350 and how it may be used by the commercial building industry.

DeWalt Ford F350

To give you an idea of what Ford built into this baby, just take a look at its spec sheet:

– Knapheide custom service body with actuating gull wing doors and LED lights
– PPG DURABED lined body bed and box storage
– Custom Gantry System – lifts up to 640 lbs while telescoping into truck bed
– Integrated Work Station with table saw and vice grip
– Live PTO hook up with Hydraulic connections at front & rear of truck
– Custom bumper and class 5 hitch
– On board multiple-battery charging system
– DEE-ZEE running boards
– Warn Winch compressor combo
– Custom Paint Design

DeWalt Ford F350

This baby is also decked out with just about every conceivable hand tool known to man. Aside from the above mentioned features, it also comes with a massive amount of storage space – cool right? One other thing to take note of are the wheels as they’re gorgeous and really lend to the overall look and feel of the truck. Odds are Ford will never produce this thing, but that’s the beauty of concept vehicles. They make us think, and give the manufactures some much needed feedback about what features the general public wants to see in a production based truck.

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