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2011 Ford Boss 302 Mustang to be priced around $41,000.

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2011 Boss 302 Mustang

The 2011 Boss 302 Mustang from Ford is supposed to be the Mustang for the hardcore track day enthusiast. Under the hood is a more powerful version of the stellar 5.0-liter V8 found in the Mustang GT, except in Boss 302 form it packs 440 horsepower and 380 lb.-ft. of torque, as opposed to the GT’s 412 hp and 390 lb.-ft. of torque. Up until now there has been no information in regards to pricing on the race inspired pony car. Most people speculated that pricing would be set around the 38k-40k mark and now, according to Autoblog.com, we can confirm that they were right. Apparently a forum member over at TheMustangSource.com has some inside knowledge and has reported that initial pricing on the Boss 302 will be set at around $41,000, that’s big money for a Mustang especially considering that it still has a live rear axle. Decide to fully option it out and you’re looking at over $47,000.

2011 Boss 302 Mustang

Keep in mind though that for this amount of money there are a lot of used cars out there with plenty of track pedigree that can be had. A clean C5 Corvette Z06 for example will run you about $20-$25k and is a rocket on the track. Then there are spec Miata’s, Subaru STI’s, and Mitsubishi EVO’s, cars that when all is said and done may be a better bang for your buck.

2011 Boss 302 Mustang

As of yet there are no road tests on Ford’s newest track machine, so with that being said I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what kind of performance the new Mustang really offers.

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