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2011 Chevy Cruze Has Backyard Mechanics In Mind With Cartridge Oil Filter

Posted in Chevrolet, Design, DIY, Environment by Kurt Ernst | May 11th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Photo: GM

I once owned a 3 series BMW, which turned out to be the most problematic new vehicle I’ve ever purchased. Sure, a poorly trained dealer service department was to blame for a lot of my issues, but you expect a certain level of quality in a BMW. Mine, sadly, didn’t have it, and I traded it in about ten miles before the warranty expired.

The BMW did, however, have a cartridge type oil filter system that made changing the oil a piece of cake. Chevrolet engineers apparently think this is a good idea as well, since the new Chevrolet Cruze will adopt the same type of replaceable cartridge oil filter system used by BMW. Changing the oil no longer requires crawling underneath your car, on ramps or jackstands, and reaching into a hidden recess (usually next to a hot exhaust manifold) to unscrew a can type oil filter from a hot engine block. Instead, you simply pull the drain plug (still under the car), then go topside to remove the cap to the cartridge filter. Any excess oil drains down into the oil pan, instead of down the engine block and into your armpit.

Chevy claims environment benefits (less spilled oil, easier component recycling), but I’d like to think that they had us shade tree mechanics in mind as well. As much as hot oil pouring down one’s shirt builds character, I already have enough scars from turning wrenches to last me a lifetime.

Source: Chevrolet Cruze Features Recycling-Friendly Oil Filter

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One Response

  1. Bavarian Bob says:

    ….I find it great that only now has Chevy decided this was a good idea, almost 15 years after German engineers designed this type for BMW. Way to stay ahead of the curve Chevy, be proud.