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2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible Teaser Shots Released

Posted in Camaro, Chevrolet, General, New Cars by Kurt Ernst | April 15th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Tired of seeing spy shots on every auto related internet blog, GM slapped up two pictures of the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible on their Facebook page. I’m not sure I would have chosen either to highlight the lines of the car, as the best profile of the new Camaro drop-top is from the side. GM opted for an elevated front view, which makes the Camaro’s already-small windshield look even tinier. Worse, the front view of the convertible is essentially the same as the front view of the hard top; wouldn’t you want to highlight the differences instead of pointing out the similarities?

2011 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

The rear photo isn’t much better, but at least you can tell it’s a ragtop Camaro. I’d have shot the car from eye level, not floor level, to give a sense of the interior and the lines of the windshield. In any event, at least you can clearly see the styling influence from the first generation Camaro in the rear pic.

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