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2011 Can Am Spyder RT is just what the Doctor ordered!

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2011 Can Am RT

When I look back at some of my old motorcycles as compared to the new steeds of today I have to say that they were pretty archaic. I remember having a 1985 Honda VF1000R, it was a great bike back in the day with its two-piece frame, quick release front wheel and V4 engine design, but by today’s standards the bike is an absolute dinosaur. These days motorcycle companies are trying anything and everything to get people back on the road, but one company in particular has decided to take a rather unorthodox approach.

2011 Can Am RT

Back in 2007 the Can Am Spyder RS was released to the public and upon its release was met with very mixed reviews. Some thought it was too much of a departure from a “real” motorcycle and yet others simply didn’t know what to make of it. At first glance you may think it looks like a snowmobile and quite honestly, you’d be right. You see Cam Am’s parent company, Ski-Doo has been building some of the best sleds out there for years so it seemed only natural that their first attempt at a road going machine would have a similar configuration. With two wheels up front and a single out back the Spyder is a trike in every sense of the word. It’s comfortable, looks great and has enough performance to get you excited in any gear.

2011 Can Am RT

It’s now 2011 and after 3 years of production the Can Am Spyder has secured itself a strong foothold as a great alternative to the traditional two-wheeled motorcycle. Aimed at a slightly older crowd Can Am also saw the need for more of a dress-up tourer as well and for 2011 they’ve stepped up to the plate with the new Spyder RT. With ample room for two and the luxury capacity of a mid-70’s Cadillac, the Spyder RT was developed for comfortable long range excursions that allow you to simply enjoy the trip without the worry of leaving something behind. Keep in mind that both the Spyder RS and RT are completely different from anything out there and while not a motorcycle, they can still fulfill that desire to ride and get you back out on the open road.

Source: Spyder.brp.com

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  1. Wow,every since I first saw this bike on the road,I was impressed way to bring back the seniors to riding and thanks for more ladies on the roads.Any specials by any dealers out there right now or are there any used dealers.