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2011 BMW M3: Minor Changes To (Near) Perfection

Posted in BMW, General, M Series by Kurt Ernst | February 12th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |
2011 BMW M3

2011 BMW M3

Not too much new on the 2011 BMW M3; the taillights have been reworked, the front facia is a little bit different and both manual and DCT versions receive an Auto Start Stop Function, said to reduce fuel consumption and emission levels by as much as 8%. Yawn.

The real news is the Competition package available for 2011, which includes a 10mm drop in the suspension, lighter 19×9” wheels and a traction control (EDC) sport mode developed specifically for Competition Package M3s.

As soon as I hit the lottery, I’ll be in to put mine on order. Save one in blue for me, OK?

Source: Jalopnik

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