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2011 ASC Camaro-Based Firebird Trans AM

Posted in Camaro, car modifications, Chevrolet, Concept Cars, Custom, General, muscle cars, Pontiac by Chris | May 8th, 2009 | 55 Responses |


Remember a few years ago, when the market was still above 10,000 and the return of the Camaro and Challenger were just pubescent wet dreams? And the forums exploded with rumors of an entire muscle car resurrection? Yes, we all do.There were rumors of a new S197 Cougar, of the return of the Hemicuda, perhaps even a Chevelle or a Nova or a proper GTO.It seemed that 1969 was just around the corner, and all those years we endured Probes and Pintos and the entire decade of the 1980s was about to be atoned for.

The Pontiac Firebird Trans AM was one of the more plausible future spin-offs of the edgy new Camaro. And for a while there, it looked like we really just might get it. But then the bottom dropped out of the market, banks foreclosed, and–well, you know.

Now, Pontiac is a thing of the past. (Along with Saturn, Hummer, and Saab, but no one’s crying over those losses.) But the masterminds over at ASC Creative Services have just brought us the car Pontiac should have made, and perhaps, even, would have made if the Time Machine werentt just an H. G. Wells fantasy. And there’s no denying it’s a beauty.

The ASC concept actually seems to complete the lines of its donor car more elegantly, combining voluptuous rounded front quarter panels and fascia which somehow balance the hefty look of the Camaro. Either way, the Firebird certainly does not take great pains to mask its vintage roots, and side by side with a ’70 version in a similar color scheme (below), the likeness is uncanny.


It’s obvious from the pictures that the conversion from Camaro to Firebird is a simple one, requiring new front and rear fascias, light housings, grille, apron, side-skirts, side scoops, and a completely revised (and resolved) rear end.



While there is no word yet whether ASC intends to produce the car or offer upgrades to existing Camaros as of yet, keep in mind that this is the company whose partnership with GM yielded such cars as the HHR SS and Malibu SS as well as the Cadillac STS-V and XLR-V, and therefore we have a better chance of seeing this car cruising down I-26 than, say, these (thankfully) mistaken concept photos of the car that never came:





2006 Chevrolet Camaro Concept Vehicle

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55 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    I personally like the pewter color verision I would also like to see the “firebird” icon back on the hood

  2. Mike Siderias says:

    I prefer the black Trans Am design like Kevin Morgans proposal. The Blue one you guys are looking at doing looks like a Stang from the side. It also lacks the heat extractors like the 70s F-Body.

  3. Matt Siderias says:

    I saw the side-picture of the blue concept T/A, and I thought for a second it was an S197 mustang! I would definently not buy this concept because of these similarities: No fender scoops, replica quarter window like mustang, boxy-like feel, and just doesn’t have the look of the “retro” 2nd Gen T/A’s. I’d rather see an updated 98-02 than this piece of crap. The black bandit concept however, hits it right on the dot! Build that specific model so everyone will be happy.

  4. Robert says:


  5. Cody Welch says:

    I like them all make them all except the last one just looks too much like the camaro as do the others but it has too little done to it and needs more visual designs

  6. J Bell says:

    Given that the new F-Car platform is clearly a retro version of the 1969 model year why would we be attempting to make a 71-73 TA or a 78 firebird version? The 1969 Firebird was a terrific looking car and remains a popular collector. A 69 Pontiac version would make the most sense. Of course, now that Obama has forced GM to eliminate the Pontiac brand I guess nothing much will happen

  7. Trans-Am Girl says:

    Please bring back the Trans-Am. I have been trying to locate a 1978 Black Trans-Am with black leather seats and T-Tops, including the honey cone wheels and the bird symbol. I have had no luck locating the exact car I had in 1978. I’ve thought to myself that maybe I should buy a new one when they come back. Please bring them back.

  8. Jessica says:

    I have an ’83 Trans AM and its been the greatest thing ever. I love it , it was an original Daytona Pace car too. My dream was to get an 2011 Black Bandit, but it’s pathetic obama wants to eliminate pontiac I am 20 years old and all my life I have only ever had a pontiac, its GMC’s best sports section and they are completely distroying it. Now were going to have to rely on those imported refridgerator boxes! Im just here to say i love my Trans AM and god speak we should keep the Ponitac!

  9. Allen says:

    The first three Trans-Ams are grate aspecially the black version it would probably be the most popular version it looks like the 1978 model and I really hope that is the choice they make . I would be the first to buy this version if it was put into production, As I have owned a 1978 / 1979 / and 2000 ram air TA previously. Hope my wish comes through. And if they do they should make it with the 650HP / 455 HO ,If your going to bring back a classic like the Trans-AM bring it back with one hell of a punch.

  10. TRANS AM GIRL says:

    All I have to say is wow, and full speed ahead please. would defi. buy the black one too, I my self have been looking 4 a 1979 Trans am but is very hard to come about I WANT ONE

  11. trebornash says:

    i hava 70 1/2 lucerene blue #’s matching. was wanting a 2010 same color scheme…tre

  12. derkis jackman says:

    I really love the two black bandit , pewter, & cmf version. I would hope that even if GM doesn’t do it under the outgoing Pontiac brand, why not restructure as the Trans Am brand without the Pontiac, producing great , “affordable, reliable, sports cars” & dont take too long while you have great momentum going for you -vs- the delay on production of the current new camaro platform.

  13. JEREMY says:


  14. Jordan says:

    i think that its stupid to have the new Camaro that has just been released to the public @ years ago to have a different name on it. After all that basically what is being done to these cars its an insult to anyone that has ever owned a camaro in the past and present. its wrong for the designers to even think that they has the right to copy everything that everyone at Chevrolet have worked on for many years to perfect and get just right. If Pontiac is really going to come out with the new trans am then make a new body and don’t copy the same car just to change the name with a new front clip.JUST MAKE A NEW DESIGN FOR THE CAR DON’T CHANGE WHAT IS ALREADY JUST FINE AND IS VERY MUCH ENJOYED BY THE PUBLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Kevin says:

    I love the black Trans Am designed by Kevin Morgan. That design hits all the marks. I just saw the latest Hot Rod Magazine and fell in love all over again. Camaro/Firebird have shared platforms in the past and that should not change. I owned a 1974 Firebird at the ripe old age of 16 in 1985, a 1978 Trans Am followed after a hit and run destroyed my 1974. During a rain storm I recked my 1978 and bought a 1979 Trans Am not quite the same. In 1989 I bought a brand spanking new GTA Trans Am. That car was lost during Hurricane Andrew thanks to a fallen tree. The fastest was the 1989 but I always loved the design and raw power of my 1978. I would buy a 2011 or 2012 Trans Am in a heart beat if it were ever built. All I can do is keep wishing and hoping.

  16. Brucifer says:

    The only one that looks good is the wine red one. all the others are shit.

  17. joann says:


  18. carl rupe says:

    The Trans Am is as southern muscle as you can get. It lost it’s way for awhile and took on the door wedge look like camaro and vet but lets bring this pc of american pride back!

  19. mickey says:

    what happened to the beak-like pointed nose of the new firebirds? the blue one you guys have on here is pretty yes, but it looks too much like the camaro. as i continue to respect the camaro and the mustang, the trans am is definately my american muscle of choice. they just GOTTA bring them back!!!!!! im keeping my fingers crossed!

  20. William Blackstone says:

    Why all the fuss? If you want it GM WONT build it. Plain simple fact. The federal goverment OWNS GM. No they did not pay off there loans! Thats why they had to pull the add. GM is a dummy downed version of an American auto company. If you want a strong good lookig car. Go to the land under. At least that part of GM has there head screwed on tight. Ford GM Chrystler. There ALL dead. So get over the dreams you have. Just like this Sosialist goverment we now live in. They will tell you what you want. So. How do you like your change??

  21. Jeffrey says:

    In 2011 bring back Smokey and the Bandit. To get to drive this black Trans Am i will be Bandit or Stuntman i don’t care

  22. malcolm says:

    i think the black trans am should be built and produced if gm so this, they will have a very good chance of making a huge profit through this car, the looks of the black one kiss the camaro ss’s looks any day. take my advise gm , and reinstate the trans am.

  23. Gregory R GLASS says:

    The car looks like a camaro in the front and a ford mustng in the rear end. It needs to have it’s own design and not a copy of other cars.

  24. DeeJay says:

    this car will be sick on DA streets

  25. Tony B says:

    Morgan’s is the only choice. The others don’t quite hit it like his does. And the first one? Looks like a Mustang and a Charger had a baby. Front half is all Charger and the rear looks Mustangish. I love the Mustangs. Sadly, a lot of people are either Ford, GM or Chrysler. I have owned an 87 GN, a 90 GT and now an 05 Grand Cherokee. Loved all three, but bring out that black Morgan designed TA and you have 1 sell right here.

  26. roberto says:

    just give it back

  27. John says:

    i wish pontiac was still around to make a new T/A but i believe that it should be just like the rest of the firebirds and be better stronger and faster than the competing comaros like always

  28. Billy says:

    Man I peed myself just now. Felt like beating my dick all over the screen looking at these hillbilly dreams. Man after I get done laying the pipe to ma I’m gonna get me one of them!

  29. Fireturd says:

    The Camaro has always killed the Firebirds. John you need to wake up. Camaros sell, Firebirds didn’t. I take comfort in knowing I’ll be able to buy a new Camaro. Can you find a new Firebird?

  30. Mustang says:

    Looks like a Mustang to me.

  31. Anthony says:

    I have a 78,88,98 Trans-am’s .I’m working on a 68.there is no 08 bird. Lutz lost my bussiness when he kept pushing the new G.T.O.’s and droped the Firebirds. Just remember, ” A Firebird Is just a Camero with BALLS.”

  32. Travis Young says:

    honestly i see the resemblance of the stang but i think it looks alot more of a camaro -m3 mix its got the same style front end as the 78’s 9’s but with the boxy front it just makes it look too much like a bmw but still all in all its a beautiful car

  33. Ken Ferrell says:

    The blog above was typing about finding an older T/A like he used to have. I lucked up and found a blue one with doe skin leather interior just like the one I bought in ’77. You would be much happier with a “new T/A’ with all the upgrades since the mid 70’s. Still have my soild roof T/A with 400ci all original. Just lucky I guess.

  34. Ronald Houle, Jr. says:

    I can’t decide a which of 2011 Pontaic Firebird Trans Am concept, so Please you can confirm me when Pontaic had select a two cars of look a like 1967 Firebird and 1977 front fender of 1967 Trans Am. Thank You for some information me. Keep my post!!
    Sincerely, Ronald Houle, Jr.

  35. Barbara says:

    Good day
    I have been taking a look at different versions of the updated version of the Firebird Trans Am. They are cool to look at. The two that caught my eye especially are the blue one and especially the black ta with the inset of Burt Reynolds. It would look great with a TTop and the large gold firebird decal on the hood. I wish GM would bring it back. There are many enthusiasts like me out there.

  36. justin says:

    the black one with burt reynolds by it sucks because the front end of it looks to much like a sunfire. me personaly would go for the black one without burt reynoldsor the red wine color

  37. N8 TA Owner says:

    I Own a 76 California Special and i would like to see the 76 body style redone as it is the sleekest and most eye pleasing.

  38. vince says:

    i can tell u one things for sure it looks better than a camaro

  39. Michelle Button says:

    I am looking to purchase a new vehical soon. I have owned, camaro’s, Mustangs,and a few trucks. I want a Trans-am and the black one by Kevin morgan looks the best.the blue one looks like a mustang. I think the red one looks like a charger. If you make the black one i’ll buy it!!

  40. Janet says:

    I love it da black one I will def buy it plz bring it bak PLEASE I HAVE A 2002 n I love it but will die for a 2011 OMG lol..i know it will defenetly kill da camaro das all im sayin plus dats wat alot of people r sayin Pontiac firebird transam is da BEST!!!

  41. Janet says:

    Love u all dat agree is true firebird always been better lookin dan camaros im too exited on dis one I reallyy want a 2011 firebird trans am n da best lookin one like i said da black one m da gray dayum!

  42. gregory beal says:

    I must have this car give me all the info

  43. John adams says:

    I was born in 54 and I lived through the muscle car era and I know for a fact and would do it myself it I could afford to do what you guys are capable of doing. Pay attenttion to the old muscle cars restored at any car show. Look at the faces of every young man and woman there, there is a huge market out there for the types of cars you guys can bring back to life! Keep them affordable and you can sell them as fast as you can convert them! My personal choice is the black bandit edition Trans Am and would love to see the Trans Am make a come back at an affordable price.

  44. chrispy says:

    the new firebirds look like they have a chrysler 300m front end on them but im diggin them anyways for a moparman hahah

  45. Frank DeJesus says:

    The Firebird & Trans Am are true american muscle cars that really should make a serious come back into production. Why should the Camaro get all the glory, eventhough they’re all related, I would love to see some sibling rivalry among them, that’s the Trans Am, the Firebird, & the Camaro…Lets not foget about the GTO. I definitly would buy one whether its limitly produced or special ordered…Some one needs to bring back the originals w/ a modern twist.

  46. Frank DeJesus says:

    Love all the concepts & styling que’s. Since Pontiac is no longer in production, someone should give GM a push to resurect the brand or maybe just call it the Trans Am or Bandit line & include a version of the GTO Judge.

  47. Ed says:

    I believe in the Comaro no doubt but there are other great fabulous american classics that we love and should thrive!
    The Firebird/Trans Am is a must to live (The Black One).

    Also a few more for the return list: The ’70-’71 Plymouth Barracuda, The 70’s era Chevrolet El Camino and ’72 Ford Gran Torino and last but in no way least Pontiacs GTO (The Judge). These are just a fw of america’s great muscle csrs.

    P.s. Just for fun I would DARE to see GM bring the ’57 Chevy Bel-aire to modern day life!

    • Josh says:

      I’d love to see the ’57 Bel-Air make a come back, I totally agree with you Ed. Just thinking about it and how awesome it’d look, with all the same body styling and everything, with a modern-day twist.

  48. tran am boy says:

    I want one

  49. Arlene Gerontzos says:

    iwant the pontiac firebird back, it was my first car and it was awesome. I should of never got rid of it. I would buy again if made.

  50. El Phantasmo says:

    I’ve always liked the 2002 Trans Am and think that design looks better than the new Camaro and the Challenger’s big puffed body. Almost all of these designs look like the Camaro except the first one, it looks more like Mustang.

    They need something low, snarly and with a big engine.

  51. Sean Bristol says:

    I am looking to buy a 2011-13 trans am? Not sure if you build for the public?