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2010 Mustang Takes On Drifting Homeland

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As much as the drifting crowd would like to think their four-wheeled acrobatics will incite a new renaissance in grass-roots racing, conjure up the ghost of Steve McQueen, and cure cancer, in actuality it is the automotive equivalent of synchronized swimming. Still, even the most cynical among us has to admit that repeatedly maintaining control of a couple thousand lbs of machinery through excessively oversteered corners deserves our respect on some level.

One of the reigning kings of this (let’s call it) sport, is Vaughn Gittin Jr., who if you didn’t know, is the new poster child for Ford’s campaign at making the 2010 Mustang a legitimate drift contender. As part of that effort, they have released six documentary-style webisodes that chronicle his recent tour of the drifting motherland: Japan.


We are already pretty much in love with the new Mustang, so it doesn’t take much prompting for us to sit through footage of it tearing around a race track. Even so, it seems out of place among the garishly painted Nissans and Toyotas that it shares screen time with. That is, of course, the point. As is the overtly self-serving cuts to every Tom, Dick and Hiyoshi who immediately falls in love with the All-American Mustang.


Let it also be said that this particular ‘Stang is far from just a factory-equipped GT. To begin with, it comes with a significant power increase to 500 horsepower by way of a Ford Racing supercharger and intercooler, and makes use of an Exedy clutch, a Ford Racing FR3 suspension pack, a Ford Racing brake kit, HRE wheels, Bosch Performance spark plugs, and Falken Tires. Naturally, the latter is a major Gitten sponsor by necessity. At the very least, this film illustrates the “anything is possible” optimism swirling around Ford, as well as the highly-upgradable qualities of the new Mustang.


If you are interested in seeing the footage for yourself head over to www.2010mustangdrift.com.

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