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2010 Mustang GT Reaps Cheap Cold Air Benefits

Posted in car modifications, Car Tech, Cars, Fast Cars, Ford, General, Horsepower, muscle cars, Mustang by Geoff | September 13th, 2009 | 3 Responses |


Based on the sales success of the new Mustang, the large pool of Mustangs on the road poses a real incentive for offering aftermarket parts and accessories, which includes a new cold air kit by Roush. Not that the new 2010 Ford Mustang GT and its 315 horses are in need of horsepower help, but when power can be increased so easily, the decision to replace the stock air intake with one from Roush Performance is a no-brainer.

A degree of patience has to be excercised for those wishing to upgrade the breathing abilities of their ‘Stang as this new part won’t be available until after September 21st. When it is, Mustang GT owners can expect gains of around 10 horsepower, which is considerable considering how inexpensive the new kit is at around 200 bucks.


The new cold air intake replaces the stock 2010 Mustang GT filter housing with a true open element filter, that unlike the factory pieces uses a different air shroud that seals against the bottom of the hood to assure that colder air is breathed in by the engine.The stock MAF sensor will bolt into the new system and installation of the kit will not require any other engine modifications or tuning.

As anyone familiar with Roush would expect, because Roush has full control over their parts production, the appearance of this new kit looks like it came directly from Ford and is at least as a well made as the rest of the factory Mustang parts.

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3 Responses

  1. Biotech is Eggzilla says:

    The stock cold air intake on the 2010 GT is the same used on the 2009 Bullitt and is available through the Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog…what I’m saying is that the stock intake is already an area that’s been adressed on this engine, and it’s not necessarily a weak point constricting horsepower.

    But, if you are going to upgrade your cold air intake, wait for other companies to create competing products rather than buy the Roush just cuz it’s the first available. Honestly, I’m not sure how or why a newly redesigned CAI is needed for the 2010s, but if it is necessary, wait for CAIs by JLT or C&L, whom produced the two most popular/effective CAIs for the 05-09 S197s.

  2. BF says:

    WHy is it that every hosebag aftermarket company calls their air system cold when it’s hanging in the hottest place in the car? That little side wall with a lame attempt to seal to the hood doesn’t work very well.
    Heat kills power.
    Why don’t they dyno test with the hood down on an engine that’s fully up to operating temperatures? Because it won’t validate their claims and might hurt parts sales.

  3. john kollander says:

    i have to agree with you on taking hot under the hood air and feeding it to the engine,seems like you’d lose hp from that,also seems like the stock system gets colder air by drawing it from outside the engine compartment