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2010 Mercedes E-Class Leaked Ahead Of Detroit Auto Show

Posted in Car Photography, Cars, Design, Detroit Auto Show, Luxury Cars, Mercedes Benz by Suzanne Denbow | December 10th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Professional-grade images of the new 2010 Mercedes E-Class have leaked onto the web recently, deliciously indulging us with some full-front Merc nudity a full month ahead of its scheduled unveiling at the 2009 North American International Auto Show. Based on the Mercedes-Benz conceptFASCINATION, the new W212 E-Class is a completely reworked design intended to usher in the new generation of the Mercedes E-Class. As such, we’re pleased to note that Mercedes appears to be taking the E-Class back to the austere, boxy design of the late 80’s-mid 90’s that was recognizable as the epitome of luxury as soon as it was within viewing distance. To achieve this, Mercedes gave the E-Class exterior chunkier, more defined, almost Bentley-like lines and swapped out those awful oval headlights for angular ones.

Although we weren’t able to get our hands on any images giving us a sneak peak inside the 2010 Mercedes E-Class, we hear that the new, more commanding design elements are also reflected in the interior.

Source: The Torque Report

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