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2010 Lotus Exige S Drops In Geneva, Once Again Captures Our Hearts

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Our affair with Lotus began with the 340R, but has sensed developed into a ménage à trois to include the Lotus Exige. At the Geneva Motor Show today, Lotus unveiled the slightly-revised 2010 Exige S, and we’re afraid we’re going to need to add another stall to our garage. While not a drastic departure from the previous-gen Exige, the changes made to the Exige S are noticeable. Giving it a slightly meaner smile, Lotus outfitted the Exige S with a larger, more pronounced air intake mouths on both the front and sides of the car. The rear wing is also larger this year, measuring 181 mm wider to give the Exige S that “muscular, shrink-wrapped look.”

Still averaging an impressive 33 mpg (8.5-liters/100 km), performance output for the base 2010 Exige S remains unchanged. For driver’s looking for a really undergarment-soiling experience, however, the Exige S does come with optional performance package. Thanks to a Magnuson/Eaton M62 supercharger, the Exige S performance pack boosts output to 240 PS (179 kW) and 170 lb-ft of torque, allowing the new Lotus to sprint from 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds.

Roger Becker, Director of Vehicle Engineering said, “The changes we have made to the Exige for 2010 Model Year are quite subtle when taken individually, but taken as a complete package they make significant improvements to aerodynamics and the overall look of the car. The Exige is a classic fit-for-purpose performance machine, the design tweaks we have made have reduced the drag, cleaned up the airflow around the front and rear of the car, whilst retaining the impressive balanced downforce figures, to give an exciting high performance drive.”

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