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2010 Lexus LS600h Debuts Fizzles Out At Frankfurt

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This is, bar none, the most boring Frankfurt Motor show reveal we’ve experienced this year. We can’t even muster the enthusiasm to make fun of it.

Modest revisions to the 2010 Lexus LS600h’s front fascia, sideskirts, and rear bumper are the only outward indications that anything has changed since the 2009 model year as the bulk of the refresh was concentrated on the technological specifications. The Lexus Hybrid Drive System was modified to accommodate the new ECO mode, which modifies the throttle action and performance of the air conditioning system to support fuel-efficient driving. The battery was repackaged to free up more trunk space, presumably to provide more room for your oxygen tank since no one in an LS600h is toting around dead hookers. The brakes were upgraded to 380mm ventilated front discs with six-piston calipers and equipped with Brembo rotors and pads, which sounds like a nod to performance but is really just a necessity in order for the regenerative braking system to function properly. The LCD instrument cluster is now in full color and features a new a display in the center of the speedometer that can be customized to display vehicle information, turn-by-turn navigation instructions, or hybrid system status – which is really the only feature of the 2010 LS600h that could be described as “cool” and of course, the one thing they didn’t include a photo of.

Still haven’t sated your lust for lukewarm yet? Check out the bland photo gallery below.

Source: Lexus

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