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2010 Lexus GX-460 Recall: Toyota Announces Fix

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2010 Lexus GX460

Toyota has announced an update to correct problems with the stability control system on 2010 Lexus GX460 SUVs. Consumer Reports documented dramatic lift-throttle oversteer on the GX460 when pushed well beyond any sane driver’s limits. In CR’s tests, the SUV’s stability control system did not activate fast enough to contain the oversteer, which could have resulted in a rollover accident if the vehicle left the road surface or hit a curb.

Speculation was that the Lexus GX460 shared its stability control program with the Toyota 4Runner, it’s same-platform sibling. The Lexus carries more weight and has a higher center of gravity than the 4Runner, so a “one size fits all” stability control software probably wouldn’t work.

Lexus dealers have already begun contacting owners, and will continue to provide courtesy vehicles for 2010 GX460 owners until the update is performed. It’s likely that Toyota is expected to remove the sales hold on the GX460, if they haven’t already done so.

Source: Lexus Announces Fix for 2011 GX460’s Stability Problems

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