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2010 Impala 9C1 “Police” is Sad Pontiac G8 Substitue

Posted in Car Accessories, car modifications, Chevrolet, Conversion Kits, Legal, Police by Alex Kierstein | September 28th, 2009 | 4 Responses |


You all might remember the rumors that circulated about the Pontiac G8 coming back stateside for police duty. Sadly for police recruiters nationwide, it’s not to be, and GM’s entrant into the field remains the painfully boring 2010 Chevy Impala 9C1 and 9C3 packages. No matter how much acclaim the Impala gets for being a halfway decent American midsize car, in cop trim it’s wrong-wheel drive and two cylinders short of a full interceptor deck. This is partially because you can’t equip the Impala SS’s excellent LS4 V8, which pumps out 303 HP. Instead, they’re stuck with the the current 3900-series V6, the LZG, which only makes 233 HP. Hey, at least it’s flex-fuel, right?

As for the FWD, well, they’re simply SOL with that. One cool feature available to police fleet managers, however, is the ability to override emissions requirements in those states with more stringent laws. Somehow, though, that’s not cool enough for me. After all, I got my Max Max hopes up for a V8, RWD Aussie-sourced police car, and the Impala simply won’t do as the “last of the V8 interceptors” if it’s not V8, right?


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4 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    While I would agree that the Impala should be RWD and police departments would much rather have a full-frame RWD sedan, the current 9C1 Impala is meant for patrol duty, not interceptor duty. Remember that the current Crown Vic interceptor has 250hp and suddenly the much more economical and nimble FWD Impala with 233hp doesn’t sound so bad anymore.

  2. Greg Collins says:

    sorry but, chevy this rubberband for 2011 will break. A LEO doesn’t know when he or she will be involved in a pursuit. It better to have the extra power and not need it ,than to need it and not have it. I’ve seen so many chevy impala’s (police) break downs due to transmissions, brakes, and MOTORS. When order this vehicle you need to order transmission and keep them in sock. They will began to snatch jerk, and have delays in shifting into gear. THIS IS NOT A LEO VEHICLE. CHEVY NEEDS TO GO BACK TO THE 1994 AND LOOK AT THE PATROL VEHICLE DURING THAT TIME AND REVAMP FROM THAT CONCEPT.

  3. Andy Sabel says:

    my 2001 trans am can always get away. but then again im running 400+ RWHP ;)

  4. Allan says:

    Your not a cop so I’m still trying to understand why you’d make baseless observations about this vehicle’s performance due to the fact it’s FWD and has a V6. 99% of the Charger’s sold are V6s, even though the V8 option is available, municipalities do it for fuel savings and acquisition costs. Only a few highway agencies and small towns that operate small fleets buy the V8 Chargers and Tahoes. The Impala 9C1 was one of the best cars I’ve ever driven, it gets up to speed ALOT faster than the vickys, and I’d rather be in it anyday over a vic or tahoe when the snows out.