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2010 Honda CrossTour Moves Closer To Production

Posted in 4x4, Concept Cars, Honda, Toyota, Trucks by Geoff | June 13th, 2009 | 1 Response |
Honda Crossover May Mimic Accord

Honda Crossover May Mimic Accord

The latest move by Honda to keep Toyota’s dominance in all market segments in check takes the form of a new crossover. This new vehicle (don’t call it a wagon) borrows heavily from the Accord while taking aim at the Toyota Venza.

Beyond the extra hatchback area, the CrossTour will also differ from the regular Accord with an additional 2 1/2 inches in height and length that may be stretched as much as 7 inches to possibly accomodate a third row of seating, though that last row would be awfully tight judging by the photos. Honda is also debating offering a bedliner-style rear section to allow the added space behind the rear seats to be used more like a truck bed. Power will come from a V6 and only with an automatic transmission. Rumors are that both a front wheel drive an all-wheel drive model will be offered as well as options like a power liftgate.


Given that Honda already has the CR-V in its repertoire, the first question is whether the world really needs another crossover. But judging by the preliminary photos, the CrossTour is much more wagon than SUV. Unfortunately the “w” word is mostly viewed as profane in the U.S. which makes Honda’s classification of the car as a crossover a logical choice.

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One Response

  1. Spike D Punch says:

    Good move for Honda to counter the Camry Wagon, er, I mean, Venza. Calling it a “wagon” is still the kiss of death in the US market, but look at all the WAGONS purchased during the SUV craze–if it has 4 doors, an extended roof and a hatch in the back, what else is it? A rose by any other name…