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2010 Honda Civic GX: CNG Powered Civic In Limited U.S. Distribution

Posted in Alt Fuels, Car Buying, Car Deals, Emissions, Environment, General, Honda by Kurt Ernst | April 29th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |
2010 Honda Civic GX

Photo: American Honda Motor Company

If you want to buy a Honda Civic powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), you need to live in California, New York, Utah or Oklahoma. If you’re going to relocate just to buy a Civic GX, Oklahoma may have just made your “which state to choose” decision a little easier. A state tax credit of up to $7,500 is offered to anyone who buys a CNG vehicle, and Oklahoma is seriously ramping up CNG fueling stations over the next several years.

Since the Feds already kick in $4,000 towards the purchase of a CNG vehicle, your final net price for a Civic GX in Oklahoma could be as low as $13,840 (the Civic GX has a sticker price of $25,340). Drive a new Civic for the cost of a used one and save the planet at the same time? Sounds like a good option to me.

Source: Tax credit incentivizes Honda to retail CNG-fueled Civic GX in Oklahoma

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