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2010 Honda Accord Crosstour Boasts Impressive Whitebread Efficieny

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Well, the integral design principle itself definitely holds our attention, but the betrayal and disgust we leftover from the Honda Insight still weighs heavily upon our hearts and thus makes it difficult to generate enthusiasm for the Honda Accord Crosstour. Nevertheless, we here at RL are consummate professionals and as such will strive to overcome our personal feelings in pursuit of unbiased journalism. Or at the very least we’ll try to keep the snark to a minimum.

Anyway, in preparation for its upcoming debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda has released new interior photos of the 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour showing off its versatile XUV capabilities. As the name implies, the Accord Crosstour is underpinned by a modified version of the Accord chassis and will provide a less utilitarian alternative to would-be CR-V and Pilot buyers. Thus, to pander to the more active yuppies the Crosstour’s standard FWD can be replaced by AWD as an optional upgrade, and both drivetrains will be powered by a 3.5L i-VTEC V6 engine suitable for hauling a designer pop-up camper. Thanks to the coupe-like styling, the Crosstour’s interior will not feature the same rugged functionality but Honda insists buyers will still find it more than capable of accommodating their needs. “Honda has a longstanding reputation for maximizing interior space and utility in its vehicles,” said Erik Berkman, vice president of corporate planning and logistics for American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “Like the award-winning Honda Fit, the Accord Crosstour uses a versatile design to create an interior that functions with the practicality of a larger vehicle.”

In November, the 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour will hit dealerships across the U.S. where it will sit atop the Accord lineup as a premium offering. Pricing and raw performance specs will likely drop shortly beforehand at its inaugural Tokyo debut.

Source: Honda

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  1. This is my fourth Honda Accord, but my first 4-door. I think they closed down on the cheese. Everything is plastic. I think the car rattles at times when the AC is running. They do not do all the time. It also makes a noise as the temperature outside, when I turn the AC.