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2010 Ford Mustang Snags 5-Star Safety Rating From Uncle Sam

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In keeping with the gratuitous Mustang love ardently displayed on RideLust today, this newest piece of breaking news only further cements our standing belief that the Ford Mustang is the Ric Flair of muscle cars (albeit with less leathery man boobage). Today, after a rigorous bout of testing and what we imagine were several pairs of soiled undergarments, the 2010 Ford Mustang has emerged from evaluation with a 5-star safety rating from the U.S. government. Officially endorsing the 2010 Mustang as hella fun and hella safe, the report awarded the reigning champ with a sweeping victory, issuing a 5-star rating for both driver and passenger front/side crash tests and superior rollover performance.

Striving to stay atop the competition in the wake of the severe horsepower blow dealt by the 2010 Camaro’s powerful V6, Ford is using this newest achievement to reassert the 2010 Mustang’s market dominance with its unparalled dedication to safety. Strategically refraining from crediting Volvo for any of its obvious influence, Ford boasts the 2010 Mustang’s new high-strength steel body structure, increased body stiffness, and redesigned crush zones, are on the cutting-edge of crash technology. Sue Cischke, Group Vice President of Ford Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering, remarked, “The Mustang offers top safety ratings that, like its design and performance, other sports cars cannot match.”

Source: Ford

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