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2010 Ford Mustang Shows Up On eBay

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During an apparently routine search through eBay for miniature toy cars (hey, I’m not judging: “Let he who is without an extensive eBay buying history cast the first stone”), Jalopnik et al stumbled upon a Hot Wheels model that is being hawked as a genuine replica of the new, 2010 Mustang. While it’s admittedly easy for anyone with access to a decent hobby store and plenty of free time on their hands to produce a pretty damn good replica, there’s reason to believe this particular 2010 Mustang Hot Wheels is legit. Aside from the fact that the toy car is a dead ringer for the 2010 Mustang renderings Jalopnik themselves created, the seller’s location indicates the mini horse is located in Malaysia – current home of the Mattel Hot Wheels production plant.

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Of course, it should also be noted that the seller’s eBay handle is “Edison Chen”, a popular pop-star in Hong Kong currently embroiled in a sexually explicit photo scandal (but really, who hasn’t?). So there’s considerable potential for the entire spectacle to be a well-perpetrated hoax. If this tiny 2010 is indeed a 1:64 scale replica of the new Mustang, however, I would now like to say: “‘Re-designed’ my rear fascia.”

Source: Jalopnik

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