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2010 FESLER-MOSS LIMITED EDITION CAMARO: When “Off-The-Shelf” Just Isn’t Good Enough

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The new Camaro has already gotten our attention, mostly due to style. Just look at its massive rear hips: wide and flat enough to tote small children around a trailer park.

But GM, of course, is paying the price for not eating their vegetables and producing cars like the Pontiac Aztec. And now Big Daddy Obama is almost home, and corporate is in a tizzy selling off old toys before D-Day comes on June 1st. So the General hasn’t the time to go about picking up the gauntlet thrown down by the KR-based 2010 Shelby GT-500 by reviving its legendary Z28 nameplate.

So if the Camaro hopes to at least keep pace with the enormous aftermarket respect of its cross town rival, it will have to rely on the imaginations (and wallets) of wealthy Chevrolites.

Enter–the as-custom-as-you-want-it Fesler-Moss Limited Edition Camaro.

Built for the Camaro enthusiast who’s too good to visit the parts bin over at Lingenfelter or Hennessey, Chris Fesler and John Moss will gladly supply you with their very own revision of the reinvented Chevy, with enough options to make even Porsche sigh.

Some cool design features include closing off the front headlights behind a billet grille, a la RS/SS, as well as an ultra-smooth molded decklid spoiler. Check the pictures to see for yourself.



But get this: you may also choose any LS-series engine you desire, including the venerable 600 horsepower ZR-1 LS9.

Other options include:

• 6 speed or built 4L65E transmission,
• Fesler-Moss braned Magnuson Supercharger,
• Fesler-Moss 3 piece billet wheels,
• Goodyear tires,
• Racing suspension,
• Upgraded rear end,
• Body upgrades,
• Paddle shifter by Mastershift,
• Performance brake upgrade,
• Larger exhaust upgrade,
• Sound system upgrade,
• Color matched interior
• Street legal in all 50 states
• Several different paint options

Prices start at $60,000 and run up to $150,000 for a fully loaded version. Production will be limited to 60 models per year, and for a “substantial deposit,” you can order yours today.

Oh, and if a hand-massaged 2010 one-off isn’t enough for you, Fesler-Moss also has the TWIN package, which includes a matching 1969 Camaro to complete your collection.

For more information, consult the Fesler-Moss homesite.

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