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2010 Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Avenger Earn High Marks From IIHS, Still Don’t Impress

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Presumably after experimenting with large quantities of hallucinogenics and ensuring the check for the bribe money cleared, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has crowned both the 2010 Chrysler Sebring and 2010 Dodge Avenger two of its Top Safety Picks for 2009. The IIHS contributes Chrysler’s achievements to their multi-prong approach to safety, which includes just enough features to satisfy the IIHS’ laundry-list of acronyms and the amnesty commonly associated with being a federally owned and operated corporation.

Unfortunately, since public image concerns prevent the IIHS from awarding companies superior ratings for excellence in suckling government teet, they are instead heralding Chrysler for their innovative use of both passive and active accident-avoidance features. Convincingly carrying on the charade, IIHS President Adrian Lund explained, “A vehicle that earns the Top Safety Pick designation provides the best overall protection in the three most common kinds of crashes.” Continued Lund, “Top-level crash-test performance plus electronic stability control to help keep drivers out of crashes are the tough criteria needed to earn this award.”

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