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2010 Chevy Camaro Being Recalled – Already

Posted in Camaro, Chevrolet, Newsworthy, Safety by Alex Kierstein | May 6th, 2009 | 1 Response |


That didn’t take long! A battery issue that has left at least one owner stranded (that subsequently generated a lot of interest on the forums) is now the subject of a voluntary recall. What happens is that on the V8 models, the positive battery cable can rub against the starter motor housing, eventually causing a short that can lead the vehicle to stall. Chevrolet doesn’t want owners to drive the cars until the fix can be applied, and it is going to be calling owners to tell them to stay off the roads.

The fix is pretty simple – dealer mechanics are to reroute the cable away from the starter motor. It’s all described in the bulletin, linked to below.

Let’s not speculate about whether this will blow up on Chevy quite yet. They’ve got a lot else on their plate. We’ll track the story and let you know what happens.

View the thread that includes the link to the PDF file of the recall bulletin here. Direct link to the bulletin (will open a PDF file) is here.

[Source: Camaro5.com]

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  1. roger moore (not) says:

    insulation tape. bob is now your uncle.