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2010 BMW Z4 Wins 2009 International Design Excellence Award

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Formerly recognized for its outstanding achievements in the field of fruity design, the all-new 2010 BMW Z4 has ushered in a new era for the wannabe Porsche-fighter and, quite frankly, is impressing the hell out of us. Previously a car most commonly associated with Appletinis and Gucci loafers, the new Z4 is a beefier, more aggressive machine that leaves its old stigma in the dust.

Recognizing this notable achievement, the Virginia-based Industrial Designers Society of America bestowed the 2010 Z4 with the bronze award for design excellence, making it BMW’s 6th award from the IDSA since 2000 (a notable achievement, all Bangle’s blunders considered). Although the official press release was lousy with industry-standard buzzwords like “superior design” and “sophisticated surface,” Bimmer’s PR department eventually managed to call attention to one of the Z4’s most legitimately striking features: the retractable hardtop. In years past, the only Z4 most sports car enthusiasts’ would be caught dead in was a hardtop and even then only if they were promised a pack of unfiltered cigarettes and something cute to punch. Now, the Z4 convertible is offered with a retractable hardtop that allows it to maintain its studly coupe exterior while still providing the thrill of feeling the wind in your over-styled hair.

Source: BMW

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2 Responses

  1. 3Deuce27 says:

    Who writes this ‘to cute for your shoes’ crap? Twinkle toes or Barbie

    Ignorance of design is no excuse to trash Chris Bangles design legacy.

    Two women had a deft hand in this new Z4 design (With Bangles signature elements all over it).

  2. 3Deuce27 says:

    Masculine New 2010 BMW Z4 Designed By Ladies Team