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2010 Acura RL To Get Fuel-Efficient, V-8 Upgrade

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Renderings of the future 2010 Acura RL

Looking to elevate their luxury brand with a flagship sedan, Honda has confirmed that a new V-8 engine will be debuting under the hood of select Acura models within the next 18 months. Originally, many dealers expected the new V-8 option to delay its grand appearance until the 2011-2012 introduction of Acura’s new, flagship sedan. With an 18-month timetable officially confirmed, however, talk from the top suggests that the V-8 might make an earlier appearance as a much-needed update for an old favorite, the 2010 Acura RL. “I don’t think that the Acura RL 3.7-liter is sufficient. We can’t compete with other premium brands,” explained Honda Motor Co. CEO Takeo Fukui. Acknowledging the current demand for higher fuel-consumption averages, as well as heightened CAFE standards scheduled to take effect in 2010, Fukui says that the new engine will boast not only a bump in horsepower but a bump in mpg’s, too. “[The new V-8 will] be completely different from conventional, past-generation ones and have excellent fuel efficiency,” Fukui said.

Suffering under the same grueling market conditions as their counterparts in Detroit, Acura experienced a 15.3% loss in sales in September and Fukui admits that something needs to be done to pull them out of the slump – and it needs to be done quickly. Aspiring to compete as a Tier 1 luxury brand against the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW, Fukui sees the new engine as the perfect vehicle (pun intended) with which to catapult them into the desired market.

Source: AutoNews

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16 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    If they had made their new Acura TL (2009) look like the above pic, they would not be having a sales slump. They really screwed up on the looks of the new TL. It looks awful.

    Honda doesn’t ever seem to get things right with Acura.

  2. zoe says:

    I own the 2009TL (Tech Package). Car looks sharp especially the interior. Arguably, it is one of the most technologically advanced car to date.

    In response to Dan’s comments above: I am just sick of people who are highly opinionated. I don’t like the looks of BMW 300s – 700s. However, I really like the BMW 800s. I don’t like Mercedes Benzs C/E (IMO) Class styles but I find some of the S models appealing. My point DAN is, STYLE/BEAUTY is highly personal. To say that the TL looks awful is an affront to the Acura TL Design Team. I just wonder what your credentials are in evaluating designs. Let’s start with what you are driving now and your house. I’ll bet both of them looks awful and cheap.

  3. JJAcura says:

    When the redesign of the TL took place in 2004 I was driving a 2000 model and resisted buying the 2004 because that design seemed too radical at the time. I waited one year and bought the new re-designed 2005 RL. Since then the TL has grown on me and what seemed radical in the 2004 is no longer. The 2009 TL came out and again I found myself questioning this new design at first but now it is growing on me and I must say I like it. But take a good long look at that 2010 RL!!!! It really is quite something special. I think Acura got it right.

  4. JJAcura says:

    And by the way ZOE for someone who has a problem with opinionated people you might look within. Enjoy your 2009 TL and as for me I’ll look forward to sitting behind the wheel of the 2010 Flagship RL.

  5. alex says:

    I am just happy that both of you guys are Acura Fans! Acura They all rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Glenn says:

    I agree with Zoe…I don’t like anything BMW or Mercedes, I just don’t. Have owend a Legend, NSX, two RLs. I look forward to the 2010 RL because the 08-09 are not a flagship design. The new TL is absolutely awesome!!

  7. Al says:

    For those who prefer to sit and wait for next year model…your choice
    I love driving my 2009 TL it is an amazing car to drive and yes I like the way it looks.

  8. Assan M.T.Makovora says:

    A V8 is due

  9. Darryl says:

    I Have An Acura MDX and My Best friend has the New fully loaded TL, That is the first time i’ve ever heardsomeone say the TL was not beautiful…Everywhere we go in that car it turns heads and gets positive attention…not to mention that beautiful interior and drives like a dream.

  10. JACE says:

    I drive the new 2009 TL fully loaded. I think the interior & exterior designs are futuristic and sets the standard. Do you see any thing this radical from any other sedan designs out there? Most people who think the nose of the TL looks ugly are actually old fashioned people who don’t have style any ways. Who are they to say that when I’ll also bet they drive cheap & ugly american cars. Bet they can’t even afford an Acura. Sorry about bashing these kind of people who don’t have any credentials. (Dan) I will just enjoy driving my futuristic vehicle and enjoy the looks of jealousy from onlookers.

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  14. Shane says:

    Personally, I don’t care for the entire line of Acura’s currently on the market. They all have the same ‘V’ grille, and judging from the sales numbers, a lot of other people share my feelings. V-8 or no V-8. I have a 2006 TL, and still prefer it’s softer front end to the current styling. Lexus and BMW sales are holding their own compared to the Acura line. Honda needs to quit listening to their ‘yes men’ who approve marginal designs, and get all new designers. Just read the reviews of most automobile magazines…most critics don’t like the lines of the cars.

  15. Kenny Kuang says:

    I love the new acura grille compare to their older grilles so i don’t get why so many people hated it.The only complains are all their front light designs except for the tsx.I am buying a new car in 2012 and my choices are down to 2 Infiniti G37 sedan and hopefully a hot looking 2011-2012 Acura rl.Feature wise i love the rl but style wise i love the G37.