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2010 Abarth 500 R3T: Rally-Ready Hot Hatch

abarth 2

Really, what car doesn’t look better with a hood blister full of Cibies? The Fiat 500’s rally-prepped Abarth R3T version certainly does, and would look even more appropriate blasting down a snowy mountain road with all of them blazing. That being said, it’s unfortunately not street legal and destined to take part in a “promotional rally series” – essentially a one-make affair entirely on Fiat’s tab, as a sort of exhibition publicity stunt. I’m not really complaining, ‘cuz if Abarth can do it then anyone with access to the various bits and pieces can as well.

abarth 1

That being said, it’s fully kitted-out with all of the honest rally bits. There’s the standard 1.3 L motor, breathing through a Garret GT1446 turbocharger and making 180 HP (on what I’m assuming is not street-legal emissions equipment), and backed up by a 6-speed sequential gearbox for all the proper rally-shift goodness. I’m slightly disappointed that there’s no mention of a fire-spewing anti-lag system, but the turbo’s probably so damn small that’s not really an issue. Anyways, this should give some momentum to the Fiat 500 aftermarket …


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