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2009 Olsbergs MSE Ford Fiesta Off To A Sluggish Start At Pike’s Peak Hill Climb

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Even under the expert tutelage of veteran rally drivers, Marcus Grönholm and Andreas Eriksson, the Ford Fiesta’s inaugural debut in the rallycross circuit isn’t off to a good start. Scheduled to compete this weekend in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, the up-and-coming entry-level Subie-fighter is quickly proving to be no match for Colorado’s famed Pikes Peak.

Dubbed “The Race To The Clouds,” the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is one of the oldest races in North America and stretches a staggering 12.4 miles, making it one of the most treacherous and grueling races in the rally circuit. Prior to taking on the peak, numerous dry runs are taken to gauge the car’s (and drivers’) ability and flesh out any engineering problems. Unfortunately, the Olsbergs MSE Ford Fiesta is experiencing several complications right out of the gate, though the Swedish duo behind the wheel are confident the numerous problems will be solved.

“We had a few problems this morning, but the car is really nice to drive,” said Grönholm. “The handling is perfect, but because of the altitude we were struggling through the hairpins and there wasn’t so much power, but when it [power] was coming it was ok. We need to work with our engineer on mapping and things like that. We need a little bit of experience for this race to be competitive and we know that it will be difficult on Sunday.”

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