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2009 Mitsubishi Evolution X FQ400/Bazillionth Evo Variant Unveiled

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ADR Motorsports Mitsubishi Evolution X

Originally engineered by ADR Motorsports to compete in the Britcar Championships, Mitsubishi has just unveiled their production adaption of the Mitsubishi Evolution X, the Evolution X FQ400. Scheduled to hit the UK later next year to the sweet hum of performance rubber and a £45,000 price tag, the Evo X FQ400 is expected to give super performance cars like the Lambo a serious run for their money. Thanks to a re-tuned intake system and an upgraded turbocharger, Evo experts expect the 2009 Evo X FQ400 won’t have any difficulty at all clearing the 0-60 mph mark in 3.5 seconds. Despite maxing out at 170 mph, the Evo X FQ400 is no slouch on the streets and is expected to produce an impressive 400 horsepower. Unfortunately, the finer details of the new Evo are being kept under wraps, but we expect more details to hit the interwebs as the Evo’s late-09 drop date grows nigh.

Source: AutoBlog.com

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One Response

  1. P Melendez says:

    its a shame they r keeping this car in europe. they need to bring it to the US instead of us tweaking it and loosing the warranty!!!!!!