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2009 Mazda2 Averages 70-hp and 60mpg, Still Has Performance Anxiety

Posted in Cars, Compact Cars, Diesel, Emissions, Foreign Cars, Mazda by Suzanne Denbow | September 24th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Based on the compact underpinings of the Ford Fiesta, the 2009 Mazda2 micro wagon is currently under heavy evaluation to determine its potential for the U.S. market. Available in Europe with three engine options, a 74-hp or 85-hp 1.3L I4, 67-hp 1.4L turbo diesel, or a 102-hp 1.5L I4, it’s likely only the standard gasoline engines will be introduced to the U.S. Unfortunately, that means that we here stateside will miss out on the Mazda2’s most fuel-efficient offering, since the turbo diesel averages a staggering 65.7 mpg combined. The Mazda2’s 1.3L and 1.5L engines are nothing to be scoffed at though as they both boast impressive fuel consumption rates, averaging 52.3 mpg and 47.9 mpg respectively.

With impressive fuel efficiency and prices beginning at £8,599 [approximately $15,700], the 2009 Mazda2 has been doing wonders for Mazda’s sales as more and more drivers clamor for fuel sipping compact cars. Despite initial plans to release the Mazda2 in the U.S., Auto News reported that Mazda is now dragging their feet. Unafraid of stiff competition from similar models like the Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit, Mazda is more concerned with how the Mazda2 will impact sales of their most popular vehicle, the Mazda3. Already precariously perched as a solid contender in the U.S. market, Mazda is concerned that the introducing the Mazda2 would hurt sales of the Mazda3, which is currently the company’s top seller.

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