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2009 Honda Civic Hybrid Gets A Facelift, Still Requires Beergoggles To Be Hot

Posted in Cars, Emissions, Foreign Cars, Honda, Hybrid, Hybrid Technologies, Newsworthy by Suzanne Denbow | September 10th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

As a part of the mid-cycle upgrade Honda is performing on its 2009 model line-up, the forgettable Honda Civic Hybrid will be getting some upper-class editions. Offered in basic budget trim levels before, the face-lifted 2009 Civic Hybrid will the option of leather seats and leather-wrapped steering wheel. Still priced below the Prius, the premium ’09 Civic Hybrids will now feature Bluetooth HandsFreeLink mobile, and the entertainment system will gain a USB/iPod interface adapter. The biggest change, however, is the Honda Civic’s exterior revision.

While we realize that Honda is still smarting over their initial epic failure with the Honda Insight and we hate to kick someone when they’re down [no really, we don’t like to do it], we have to say we’re rapidly losing patience with Honda’s lack of innovative exterior design. The Civic is an old favorite, so people humor it, but we seriously can’t remember the last time we saw or heard anything about a Honda Civic and thought, “Damn, that’s pretty cool.” In fact, Honda is becoming a lot like that weird kid everybody knew in high school who was always on the fringe of the cool crowd, just barely avoiding alienation as a loser. You know the kid, he played 5th string on the football team and was always the first one to get stupid-drunk at a party…he was humored, but never really respected. Well congratulations Honda, by continuing to be just another unremarkable sedan, you are rapidly becoming the kid who still hits on high school girls a full five years after he graduated.

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