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2009 Honda Civic Comprehensive Review Summary

2009 Honda Civic Hybrid

To solidify the almost overnight success of the Honda Civic as well as keep the competitive edge over the likes of both the Toyota Corolla and the Mazda3, Honda has revealed plans to introduce a mid-cycle upgrade for the Honda Civic in 2009. While the subtle revisions might not seem like much, apparently even the most imperceptible changes matter in the cutthroat hybrid market, and even the most seemingly mundane additions have auto gurus foaming at the mouth.

Below, we’ve pulled together a bunch of 2009 Honda Civic reviews from respected sites and summarized each review to help you get a feel for what the experts think of this ultra-popular car.

Motor Trend Reviews The 2009 Honda Civic

Awarded 4 out 5 stars, Motor Trend’s review of the ’09 Honda Civic summarizes the refreshed ride as still the leader in its class. Due mostly to its addition of a “higher end” model replete with leather heated seats and a full-color navigation unit, the real deal-closer for ‘Trend seemed to be the ’09 Civic Hybrid’s take on green luxury. Typically designed with the budget conscious, fuel-savvy motorist in mind, Motor Trend awarded the new Civic (and its impressive array of options) major points for successfully marrying comfort and cost-efficiency.

Read the full Motor Trend review here

Car and Driver Reviews the 2009 Honda Civic

Noticeably less impressed by the ’09 Civic’s if-you-aren’t-looking-for-it-you’ll-miss-it upgrades, C/D is quick to point out that Honda’s decision to err on the conservative side of redesign was both a wise decision and a boring one. Still featuring the same 140-hp 1.8L I4 under the hood, C/D admits they’re surprised the new Civic “Value Pack” model is just now receiving standard features like air conditioning and a radio, but they do acknowledge that playing it safe was a smart move on Honda’s part, because “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Read the full Car and Driver review here

Consumer Guide Automotive Reviews the 2009 Honda Civic

Arguably the more objective of the three reviews, Consumer Guide Automotive isn’t necessarily wooed by the new upgrades, but rather the Honda Civic’s established reputation as a dependable, long-lasting, fuel-efficient car. KChoosing to focus on the cold hard specifications rather than the wisdom of mid-cycle change, CGA praises the 2009 Civic for its incredible fuel efficiency which ranges the gambut (depending on the model) from 26 mpg city/34 mpg hwy all the way to 40mpg city/45 mpg hwy.

Read the full Consumer Guide Automotive review here

2009 Honda Civic Sedan/2009 Honda Civic Hybrid Gallery

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