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2009 Honda Accord Comprehensive Review Summary

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2009 Honda Accord

For years, the only “status” the Honda Accord ever seemed to equate was that of a recent college grad with no credit history or a 16-year old girl with her first set of wheels. While arguably higher-end then the bare-bones Honda Civic, the Honda Accord was still rarely ever the go-to car for drivers who had any say in the matter, until now. With fuel prices constantly fluctuating, many consumers have ditched their old rides in favor of hybrids. Since hybrid cars are a relatively new introduction to the automotive world though, its difficult (if not downright impossible) to find one used and many eco-friendly consumers balk at the sticker price of a brand new Prius. In search of a green middle ground, people began looking towards cars like the Honda Accord – nearly as fuel efficient as a comparable hybrid, but about $20,000 less.

So if you’re in the market for a new car and you’re especially interested in the newly-popular Honda Accord, take advantage of the review summaries, technical specificifications, and photo gallery we’ve assembled for the 2009 Accord.

Edmunds reviews the 2009 Honda Accord

Although they do salute the Accord’s famed longevity and as well as Honda’s attempt at padding the Accord’s list of luxury options, Edmunds is quick to point out that it’s still little more than a budget sedan. They do admit that Honda has taken great strides in elevating the Accord to the same status as its biggest competitor (and reigning market champ), the Toyota Camry, but it still has a difficult time seperating itself from the pack of mid-size sedans once you hit the open road. Despite that fact that it’s solid car with a good reputation and a decent resale value, the Accord is no longer the only sedan on the road that earns that distinction, and despite the revisions to the ’09 Accord, it still hasn’t quite regained that competitive edge. Bottom line: the 2009 Honda Accord would be a smart buy, but you’re money might still be better spent elsewhere.

Read the full Edmunds review here.

The Auto Channel reviews the 2009 Honda Accord

Certainly more glowing than the Edmunds’ review, Auto Channel seems to evaluate the value of ’09 Accord based on how much its evolved over the years rather than how it stacks up against competitors. In that sense, the 2009 Accord is illustrated as possibly the most innovative vehicle engineered since the Model T, replete with about as many standard luxuries too.

Read the full Auto Channel review here.

Motor Trend reviews the 2009 Honda Accord

Certainly the most thorough of the three, Motor Trend assessed the ’09 Honda Accord as both an individual update to well-established, popular line and as a competitor in the mid-size sedan market. Individually, Motor Trend found the ’09 Accord to be as impressive as Auto Channel did, but their market evaluation was slightly more positive than Edmunds’. Placing in the top 5 of Motor Trend’s “Familial and Frugal” list of budget-friendly family sedans, the Accord earned very high marks overall for what reviewers referred to as “inoffensive modernity.”

Read the full Motor Trend review here.

2009 Honda Accord tech specs
The cold hard facts:

2009 Honda Accord LX/LX-P EX/EX-L EX V-6/EX-L V-6
Engines 2.4L I4 2.4L I4 3.5L V6
Horsepower @ rpm 177 @ 6500 190 @ 7000 271 @ 6200
Torque (lb-ft @ rpm) 161 @ 4300 162 @ 4400 254 @ 5000
Transmissions 5-sp auto, 5-sp manual 5-sp auto, 5-sp manual 5-sp auto
EPA (city/hwy/comb.) 21 mpg/30 mpg/24 mpg (auto); 22 mpg/ 31 mpg/ 25 mpg (manual) 21 mpg/30 mpg/24 mpg (auto); 22 mpg/ 31 mpg/ 25 mpg (manual) 19 mpg/29 mpg/ 22 mpg

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3 Responses

  1. KEN POWERS says:

    I just purchased a new 09 Honda Accord LX. I like Hondas, and I liked my last one, an 03. I just purchased this one right out of the showroom with 10 miles on the odometer. I didn’t take it for a road test. BAD MISTAKE on my part.
    To make a long story short. The car has a bad vibration problem. Come to find out, the right drive axle was slightly bent. I tried 4 other Identical models. They all have the same problem. I consulted Honda about the problem, they claim that its the first they heard of it. Maybe so, I don’t know myself. Haven’t received my car back from the repair shop yet. Can’t wait to give it a test ride. They pulled a drive axle off of a same model car right out of there own car lot to put on my car!!!???
    Has anyone else run across this problem yet?
    My conclusion is a bad batch of drive axles made it through quality control. Is there anyway to investigate this matter?

    Yours truly; kp


  2. tom c says:

    I have a 2009 Honda Accord EX-L, 4cyl.. The car does a vibration problem also. Its been back to the dealer twice but my vibration cant be a bad axle. The vibration happens when stopped at a light.

    WHo else with vibration problems?

    • Jay says:

      I bought an 09 Accord brand new. In test drive, I did not notice, but one day after purchase I noticed the vibration when in drive (at zero speed). The vibration level could be different at times, but overall, very frustrating for a higher-end car like Accord. I took it to the dealer and they told me the vibrations are quite normal for a 4 cylinder engine. I found that funny has I had driven much smaller cars without any noticeable vibrations like this (hyundai, nissan, even Civic). I think there must be something wrong with the transmission or the engine-transmission interfacing for this car, since the vibration is not present when in the Park mode or when the car moves at higher speeds. Probably too much friction or un-balance in the transmission that excites the whole engine at exactly its own natural frequency. That is my hypothesis. If that is true, a quick fix for Honda would be to change their computer program to increase the idle speed a bit (something the owner cannot do simply).
      If anyone has a fix for the issue, please let us know.