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Ford Ceases Production Of Taurus X, Finally Gets A Clue

Posted in auto industry, Ford, Newsworthy by Suzanne Denbow | December 4th, 2008 | 2 Responses |

On February 27, 2009, Ford will officially cease production of its sedan-based crossover, the Taurus X, much to the dismay of youth soccer league parent volunteers everywhere. Originally introduced in 2007 as what many deemed an unnecessary and largely unwanted spin-off of the Ford Freestyle XUV, the Taurus X sat in Ford’s line-up as the car of choice for couples who had already begun to have children, but hadn’t quite reached the level of hopelessness and despair that would propel them to purchase a minivan.

Competing in a niche market that seemed to be dominated by the Ford Explorer from day one, the Taurus X was met with lukewarm enthusiasm from consumers and corresponding lackluster sales. Perhaps if it had debuted on the market 5 years ago, and perhaps if it wasn’t so damn fugly, the Taurus X might have risen to the same critical acclaim as the original Ford Taurus. Unfortunately, such was not the case. If given a few years or so to sway public opinion, the Taurus X might have had a chance, but now with domestic auto sales at an all time low and automakers fighting like G.I.’s in Saigon to stay alive, Ford doesn’t have a few years to spare. Thus, the Ford Taurus X will be dropped from the Ford lineup in February 2009, where it will then go to race with its compadres from GM on that great Nurburing in the sky.

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2 Responses

  1. Emma says:

    thank you god, finally some sense. i was driving one day when i first saw it and i had to do a double take, which angered my mother sitting next to me, not until i explained it to her though. You can’t take a car thats been around forever, and has forever exisited as a sedan and then one day just wham look at my taurus SUV, what the hell were they thinking. I’ve seen like three and each time from far away i go oh its just another ford escape, or expedition. but nope upon closer inspection its one of those stupid cross-overs but they didn’t change the name. thats what bothers me the most is that they made a vechicle which looks completely different from the original yet named it after the original only within the space of like 4 years.

  2. Sue Madge says:

    In 2008 we hired and I drove a Mercury Grand Marquis from Seattle to South Dakota. TERRIBLE car! I expected something that drove like our Australian Ford XR6 Sports sedan – it was more like a dinghy in a choppy sea – hopeless. So for the second half of the trip, Calgary to Victoria BC via Prince Rupert, we got the only thing left apart from the second Marquis we had booked – a Taurus X. I really liked it; it handled well and was comfortable and responsive, lots of room and good fuel economy. I hope the Flex is as good.