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2009 Ford Fusion Comprehensive Review Summary

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Although the domestic auto industry is embroiled in a very public struggle against a recessive economy and a tightfisted government, at least one of the Detroit 3 is poised to make it through that cold, dark night: Ford Motors. Recently voted by the famously objective Consumer Reports as the most reliable automaker in Detroit, Ford’s most recent factory productions have received the highly esteemed distinction of featuring a reliability equal to that of Japanese automobiles. Most noteworthy amongst Ford’s new achievements in the 2009 Ford Fusion, which has been awarded countless glowing reviews by some of the top names in the automobile industry.

Currently offered with a $19k base price that places it squarely between the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord in terms of costliness, the 2009 Ford Fusion also manages to achieve an impressive combined fuel efficiency average of 23 mpg – placing it neck-and-neck with its Japanese competitors.

So although the word on the street might still tag the Camry and the Accord as the heavyweight contenders in the mid-size sedan circuit, take a minute to browse our comprehensive review summary and check out what the top dogs have to say about the 2009 Ford Fusion.

Car and Driver reviews the 2009 Ford Fusion

Describing it as “the best looking Ford sedan in years,” C/D gives the 2009 Fusion very high marks for keeping the design aesthetic simple yet distinguished. As for performance, the road test editors were expecting a sportier, more Mustang-like ride than what the Fusion delivered and were a little less than enthusiastic with the Fusion’s bland sedan-like response. Admitting that a “sedan-like” response is exactly what one should expect from something in the mid-size segment, C/D ultimately relents and declares the Fusion as one of the reigning champs of its market.

Read the full Car and Driver 2009 Ford Fusion review here.

AutoWeek reviews the 2009 Ford Fusion

Unlike C/D, AutoWeek praised the Fusion’s solid sedan-like handling and quickly warmed up to the Fusion’s stiff, virgin-tight handling. In terms of speed, AutoWeek was slightly disappointed by the limiting aspect of the Fusion’s 160-hp I4, but they were quick to admit that what the Fusion did have, it sure knew how to work. Summarily, the only truly negative aspects AutoWeek found in the 2009 Fusion were the slightly bland interior components, which you have to shell out a little extra for in order to upgrade. Still offering a lot of bang for your buck, though, AutoWeek maintains that although it might not be up to Bentley par in terms of luxury, the 2009 Ford Fusion is still a force to be reckoned with.

Read the full AutoWeek 2009 Ford Fusion review here.

Edmunds reviews the 2009 Ford Fusion

Like both C/D and AutoWeek, the Edmunds evaluation of the Fusion deems it a prince among economy sedan men, but a pauper in performance. Although more powerful engine variants are available, the base trim’s 160-hp 4-banger could benefit from a 30-hp boost. Disappointment on the straightaway aside, Edmunds still crowned the 2009 model as the most impressive to be produced since the Fusion’s debut 3 years ago and proclaims it a consistent threat to comparable mid-size offerings.

Read the full Edmunds 2009 Ford Fusion review here.

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