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2009 Ford Escape Hybrid Crowned Best Family Hauler By KBB

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The elite automotive authorities at Kelley Blue Book have bestowed one of the highest honors upon the 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid by officially crowning it one of the “2009 Best New Family Vehicles.” Highlighting the plight of the current economy and the subsequent need for most families to stretch their dollar as far as possible, KBB awarded the Escape Hybrid extremely high marks for combining the two most attractive features in today’s market: cost-effectiveness & fuel-efficiency.

Throwing the green gauntlet down square in Toyota’s court, the 2009 Escape Hybrid features an EPA estimate of 34 mpg city/31 mph highway, a starting MSRP of $29k, and a compact yet accommodating nature unmatched by an vehicle in its class. Said KBB executive editorial director Jack R. Nerad, “Gas prices have dropped sharply from their record highs, but the sluggish economy is now dictating smart spending with a focus on overall value…Given the current state of the economy, parents want to get even greater value for their money while buying a new vehicle that also will accommodate their family’s lifestyle and needs.” Added Ford Hybrid Marketing Manager David Finnegan, “The Escape Hybrid offers the convenience and flexibility that many families need in an ultra fuel-efficient vehicle,” he said. “You can fit five passengers plus a lot of cargo, such as sporting and camping equipment. It’s a fully functional SUV that happens to be a hybrid as well.”

Taking its classification as a “green” vehicle very seriously, the ’09 Escape Hybrid goes beyond mere mileage and extends the environmentally-conscious theme throughout the rest of the vehicle. In addition to meeting both Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV II) and Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV) standards, the Escape Hybrid also substitutes the use of petroleum-based interior textiles with soy-based materials and features optional seating fabrics composed entirely of 100% recycled material.

We say: although we’re members of the dwindling group of auto enthusiasts who value horsepower over fuel-efficiency, we’re pleased to see that Ford is still kicking ass and taking names.

Source: Ford Media

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One Response

  1. Geneva Ross says:

    Hello Ford Dealership,

    I am an experienced teacher who needs to have a SUV to haul my teaching equipment to class, not only to school, but the other hobbies, rose garden that requires rich soil, and I will like to add more roses to my garden. If I have that requires me to use a SUV or truck.

    I will gladly trade my small NIssan for a Ford Escape Hybrid, green or blue are environmental colors, which will look awesome in my garage, in Phoenix, Arizona.

    A teacher who loves the Ford Hybrid,
    Geneva Ross (Phoenix, Arizona)