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2009 F-150 Gives Ford Biggest Market Boost In Two Years

Posted in auto industry, Detroit, Ford, Newsworthy, Trucks by Suzanne Denbow | November 3rd, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Today, Ford Motor Co. revealed that it posted its highest retail market in two years during the month of October, and it has the F-series pick-up truck largely to thank for that. Responsible for a fourth of Ford’s total sales, a significant portion of Ford’s professional and commercial reputation are rooted in the legendary capability of the F-series truck and despite the market downturn, it apparently hasn’t failed them yet. While actual sales figures for F-series were down 16.3% in October, the loss is still significantly less than those posted by competitors.

For those of you who were stoned and/or hungover during your sophomore Economics class, the F-series’ seemingly insignificant edge over the competition signals to the market that its long-term potential to straighten up and fly right is significantly greater than that of other pick up trucks. Ipso facto, Ford’s value as a reputable automaker is reaffirmed resulting in a substantial increase in market share value.

Source: Freep

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